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Daniel Wiktorek, WA

Posted:February, 11 2015


I was your mother’s cello student at Muhlenberg College, I believe the first. She came on because I needed a cello teacher and there was none. Alas, having started cello relatively late, I hit a wall and failed to make the most of her teaching the last year of three years of instruction. She found and chose for me the cello which I still own and which now my 16 year old son plays. She could at least be satisfied that I still play from time to time, but that my son is now a very accomplished cellist, because his inspiration is from her, passed down through me. Your mother was pregnant with you during my lessons in 1973. I was amazed at her cheerful fortitude, especially when asked during one of my juries, when the baby was due, and she replied, “Today.” I often thought how wonderful for the child within to be surrounded with such beautiful cello sound while developing. I see now that it did indeed have an effect! I remain ever grateful to your mother for what she taught me and for her radiant soul which always shown through each lesson. It warms my heart that you honor her so lovingly on your web page. Please send her my warmest regards (if she can remember me at all); certainly I will never forget her. I wish you all the joy and success possible as you share the gift of music.

Daniel Wiktorek, WA