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Fun pages

“All work and no play makes Elizabeth a dull violinist”
So, here’s what she likes to do to keep life fun and interesting!

Aviation runs in Elizabeth’s family, and although she is not a pilot herself,
she loves to be in the skies.

Fun Facts about Elizabeth

Birthday: December 5th

Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Sports: Tennis, Skiing, Waterskiing

Favorite Games: Pool and Ping Pong

Favorite Teams: USC Trojans!!!

More Fun Facts

Favorite Activities: Rollerblading

Favorite Band: The Airborne Toxic Event

Favorite Movies: Dr. Strangelove, Johnny English

Favorite Actresses: Judy Garland, Mae West

Dream Car: Tesla Roadster

Things I enjoy: Wine tasting in Napa Valley

Siblings: My awesome brother David, who grew up playing the cello

but became an aeronautical engineer!

Scariest thing I ever did: Paragliding off a mountain in
Bulgaria (tandem with an instructor of course)
Things I want to learn to do: Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Ballrooom dance (Tango)
Things I am passionate about: Watching classic movies of great Hollywood
entertainers and comedians on the big screen at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.

Pitcairn Autogiro: You can see it fly and land in a movie called
It Happened One Night, starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.
Recommended movie: Love in the Afternoon, starring Audrey Hepburn,
Gary Cooper and Maurice Chevalier. See it for the gypsy fiddler band that
Cooper has on his payroll, they even continue to play out the windows of a taxi!
Favorite Heroine: Bruenhilde (Attention all heroes: if you are wondering who
she is, go see Wagner’s Ring Cycle)

Other activities: In high school, I used to ride horses and show
competitively, hunt seat equestrian style. My Texas Aunt gave me my first
horse at 14, she had saved him from starvation. His name was Dusty Daredevil
but we called him “Linus” It cost more to truck him up from Texas than he
was worth, but he as well loved. My next horse was a confirmation
gray named Wavelength. He passed away from cancer one summer
while I was a student at Encore before college. My parents didn’t tell me until
I got home! I am still mad about that. Then my senior year of high school,
I got the most beautiful bay horse ever, and he knew it. I couldn’t help it,
I had just gotten my Strad about the same time, so I named him
Stradivarius. It was pretty funny when they announced
us entering the ring at horse shows 🙂