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Fred Deneau

Posted:February, 11 2015

November 10, 2007
Dear Elizabeth,

I just happened to come in to the bookstore in Corte Madera to get some photography magazines when I heard you would be there with that magic violin. I had seen the movie and I had to meet you and hear you play. Well let me say it was you that made the violin sing. Those few minutes listening to you playing were so special that I will never forget you, your musical talents and your beautiful soul. Yes I believe when you play, the brilliance of your soul shines through and touches everyone. Of course the Stradivarius is one of the finest musical instruments in the world but it is your hard work, your talent and your love of the music that I will never forget. You are such a special woman that you eclipse the Stradivarius.

Fred Deneau
Marin County, CA

PS: I included a picture for you to remember the Bay Area with and hopefully it might bring you back here…

Photos Courtesy of Fred Deneau