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Harold F. Pitcairn

Posted:January, 21 2015

Great Uncle
(1897-1960)Harold F. Pitcairn, the youngest son of John and Gertrude Pitcairn, was an American aviation inventor and pioneer. He developed the autogiro and founded the Autogiro Company of America. He invented many patents relating to rotary wing aircraft.He developed the Pitcairn Mailwing and founded Pitcairn Aviation (later to become Eastern Airlines). He was awarded the Collier Trophy in 1930 for development of the autogiro.

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Autogiro Video

YouTube – Pitcairn PCA – 1A

Miss Champion Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro at Oshkosh 2005

Pitcairn autogiro flies!

1931 Pitcairn MailWing NC10753 PA-8