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Asher R. Sheppard Redlands, California

Posted:January, 19 2015

October 2, 2007
Dear Elizabeth Pitcairn,

I very much enjoyed hearing your performance of the Mozart G-major violin concerto Saturday night in San Bernardino. The “wait until you hear the adagio” introductory remark from conductor Carlo Ponti, Jr. was nonetheless an understatement. Your performance of the adagio was fluid musical beauty of the highest order. It was made all the more wonderful by the full, even sound of your glorious Strad. I think Mozart was smiling as broadly as I. I hope there are many occasions to share your artistry in concert halls near to me and worldwide at the highest levels. Indeed, wherever you go you surely will gain plaudits from those who listen with wise, calm and playful minds. I send my thanks for a wonderful time with you, Mozart, Stradivari, and orchestra.
With appreciation,
Asher R. Sheppard
Redlands, California